a technology that detects depression real time


About iFeelU

iFeelU uses proprietary software algorithm based on rigorous scientific research conducted at Harvard to predict likelihood of needing mental health care based on data routinely collected at your smartphone.

The program identifies period where manifested changes in your mood might make you vulnerable, and provides resources to mitigate your mental health needs including self help, cognitive behavioral therapy, and licensed mental health practitioner near you

Project lead


Christian Suharlim, MD, MPH

Dr. Suharlim leads the development of iFeelU. He is a Post-doctoral Research Associate at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and the principal investigator of the research behind the software. His prior work includes the development of mathematical model to reduce maternal mortality, the use of smartphone data to identify behavioral change, and the development and teaching of Public Health 101 and Decision Analysis nanocourses at Harvard that has been replicated internationally.


Advisory board members:


Catherine Kreatsoulas

Dr. Kreatsoulas is a faculty member at University of Toronto, department of Epidemiology. She works with Harvard, MIT, and Microsoft research on artificial intelligence and cardioliguistics to predict probability of heart disease


Marco michael

Dr. Michael is a physician working at Columbia University department of Psychiatry. His research explores psychotherapy educational models in underserved countries with respect to cultural sensitivity


Alvin Tran

Harvard ScD'18 in Nutrition and Social & Behavioral Sciences, Alvin leads the Men's Body Project research that looks at depression and body satisfaction among men. He is also a writer for NBC Boston and New England Cable News.


Timothy Skalaban

A Consultant with extensive work experience in the software industry, Timothy specializes in data analytics and business process mapping. He received a B.A. from UMass Lowell and completed international finance and economics program from Goethe University, Germany