Christian Suharlim, MD, MPH is a scientist and practitioner in the field of public health, focusing in health systems strengthening for developing countries. He is currently a post-doctoral research and teaching fellow at Harvard School of Public Health.

His research include investigating cost-effectiveness of DOT-HAART for HIV patients in Lima, Peru; evaluating the cost of immunization programs in resource-poor settings, and developing a global landscape on the use of CER in developing countries. Additionally, since 2013 he has been working in collaboration with Universitas Andalas to implement MDR-TB diagnosis improvement in West Sumatera, Indonesia.

His current interests include improving health policy through the use of cost-effectiveness analysis and promoting information dissemination through the media; strengthening public health programs particularly in the areas of maternal and child health, infectious disease, and access to water and sanitation, and improve access to care for the socio-economically disadvantaged.

Prior to his work at Harvard, Dr. Suharlim practiced medicine at a community health center in the rural area of Panguragan, Indonesia. He gained a deeper understanding of Indonesia’s healthcare system during his work as an officer in the Ministry of Health in 2012, where he co-authored eight national guidelines, and was a member of POKJA BPJS, the ministerial task force in charge of designing referral system for SJSN, Indonesia’s single payer system launched in 2014. Dr. Suharlim also served as a research manager at Reiki & Ling-Chi Foundation, Indonesia; evaluating the effectiveness of the Reiki method of alternative healing.