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Suharlim Foundation is working to improve health policy through the use of cost-effectiveness analysis and promoting information dissemination through the media; strengthen public health programs particularly in the areas of maternal and child health, infectious disease, and access to water and sanitation, and improve access to care for the socio-economically disadvantaged.

Together, we can create a better, healthier Indonesia.


Christian Suharlim, MD, MPH

Christian is a scientist and practitioner in the field of public health. He is currently a researcher at Harvard School of Public Health, working on improving health care system in developing countries and globally.

His recent work include teaching decision analysis at Harvard, evaluating the cost of vaccination programs in developing countries, and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of HIV interventions. 

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Novita G Liman, MD

Novita is a physician working in Barru, South Sulawesi. She is interested in clinical and research field of medicine and public health. She recently published Education-oriented control book for patients with hypertension in primary health care.

Defitra Nanda, MD

Defitra is a general practitioner in the remote island of Bacan, Maluku. With his passion in critical medicine, he actively participated in promoting the awareness of first aid care for common bystander under the flag of Indonesian Red Crescent.

Patrick Karamoy, MD

Patrick is a university lecturer and a practicing emergency and critical care physician in North Sulawesi. His primary interest is OB/GYN emergency medicine and is currently working to evaluate maternal referral system in the public sector.


Nanda prasetya, MD

Nanda is a general practitional practicing in South Celebes. His research focuses on identifying room for improvements in the the Indonesian Medical Education System. He is an LPDP scholarship awardee for medical education studies.


Marco Christian Michael, MD,

Marco is a mental health researcher and practicioner. He is passionate in mental health provision and advocacy, interventional psychiatry, cognitive neuroscience, and psychotherapy. He is seeking psychiatric residency training in the United States.


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Recent successful fundraising campaign

Recent successful fundraising campaign